ADS Rocket

The U.S. Military budget has continued to increase over the past several years with more and more spending be allocated to the safety of the United States. The money that is used by the military is distributed through a number of different departments, and within those departments, the funds are allocated to many different falsities that have different uses. Some of the different departments that are used include the money that is used to pay the men, and the women who help protect this great country. A large portion of the budget that is used by the United States government is the portion that is used for the weapon in which we use to defend ourselves. There are a wide array of weapons in which we use in order to best protect ourselves. Many people are aware of and used to the usual types of weaponry that is used, which includes, but is not limited to automatic riffles, tanks, fighter jets, and submarines. With that being said, there are more than those common weapons that are used to defend the country.

One of those weapons is known as the rocket launcher. Recently, the United State agreed to a contract that will help protect this country even further. This contract is said to be for the use of shoulder laid rocket launchers. The contract is said to be worth 176 million dollar and is prepared to arm the country with nearly 450 missal launching devices. The rocket launcher that was purchased is said to be the SMAW Mod 2 Rocket Launcher. It is said that this missal is an upgrade to the original devices that was said to be designed to be used in enclosed environments. The device has been dubbed as the "bunker buster", due to its ability to decimate the enemies enclosures. 

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